I was hired by, a web-based project-management startup, to clean up their web app interface. They had a logo and screenshots of the old one with notes of what they pictured for the updated application. I mocked up designs for approximately 15+ screens. I also coded out a HTML/CSS version for live testing.

I was proud of what I’d come up with. It was a first for me. The world of clean, flat interface and app design was really taking off. I added the UI to my portfolio where it sat for some time. As months turned into years, the style and layout of that original UI began to beg for a redesign. I didn’t want something in my portfolio that wasn’t representative of my current work. In one of the many purging processes my portfolio has gone through, I pulled the design. Finally I’ve found time to rework it.

The original job only included the web interface, so along with that, I wanted to bring it into modernity with a mobile app as well. These are the beginnings of that theoretical app UI redesign derived from the original. I’ll be adding more screens as I complete them and hopefully reworking the web app itself.